Setting Goals for 2020

Setting Goals: Take time to decide what your goals are. Where do you want to be in a year? Now, take a step back. What is one thing you can do to get there? Does that milestone have sub-tasks that you can accomplish one step at a time? Social Insiders has a goal of DOUBLING the amount of campaigns we ran for the new year. If we take a step back, we need to get more Influencers, pitch to more Brands, and become more active in our social media engagement. These are all still large chunks that can be broken down further and further until we have daily tasks. 

Prioritize: Find which tasks you need to accomplish in order to reach the larger one. We cannot pitch to a brand if we do not have influencers in our community that fit that niche. We need to prioritize our sub-goals in the order that would help us become more successful. You can do this too with your goals. You are your own brand! How can you best sort your sub goals to make them work for you?

Staying on Task: Once you have your goals, and all of your steps to reach your goals, you have to make sure you do not lose that drive. Set aside time each day to work on your goals. This can be challenging. Starting any new routine, like flossing more often or working out, takes time to get use to. Some like to think that it only takes 21 days to establish a new habit, but the reality is it could take longer. Creating a new habit is about staying focused on your goals and making the commitment to keep going. You can do it. 

Timing: They say, timing is everything. If you look into it, there are studies that have been done on when is the best time to do loads of things. There is perfect timing to send an email, make a social media post, or update your blog. Maybe the studies do not fit in with your schedule. That is okay! As long as you stay consistent with your work, you will recognize results. Some days may feel like you are pushing a boulder uphill, but keep with it and stay consistent. You got this!


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