Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2020

Social Insiders is looking forward to a new year. With a new year, comes new trends. We are dedicated to keeping up with current trends in order to best serve our Brands and our Influencers. With the time spent in the business, and the changes noticed in the past, we had started to make a few observations. So, here are our influencer marketing predictions for 2020.

Influencer marketing will keep growing.

Businesses have seen how easy it is to advertise on social media. Even small businesses have had great success with social media marketing leading to direct sales. Therefore, making them competitive with even the largest of brands. The low cost, compared to print or commercial advertising, makes influencer marketing especially appealing to Brands. Past years have seen the percentage of brands advertising budget dedicated to Influencer Marketing grow and we predict this is a trend that will continue.  

Nano and Micro Influencers will have more value than Celebrity Influencers.

Celebrity influencers notoriously have low engagement. However, nano and micro influencers are constantly engaged with their following. When it comes to marketing, engagement counts for more than reach. It is one thing to have people scroll by your product, but quite another to have people engage with a post about it. When people become engaged in a conversation about a product, it leads to more sales. People are more likely to purchase something recommended by family or a friend than someone they just scroll past. 

Creativity is the way forward

Once upon a time, vine was the fastest growing social media platform. Then, TikTok took its place. Instagram was once mostly pictures of food, but that has changed too. The growth and transitions in these platforms shows that people crave creativity and expression. They enjoy an outlet on which to be creative and they love watching other people shine. Influencers and Brands need to find their passion, their spark, their muse and let it shine in all they put forward. Followers will appreciate and gravitate toward that.  

Live Content

Live content is growing! Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have all transitioned to include a Live platform. In other words, this is a trend everyone should be getting behind. We are seeing a higher demand for live content, as well as higher engagement rates. Do not be surprised when more Influencer Marketing trends start to gravitate toward live content.


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