How to Write a Product Review

Influencer marketing is all about writing product reviews. A product review is great because it lets potential buyers know what it is they are really buying before they get it. Consumers are constantly reading customer reviews in order to get recommendations on things they buy online, in person, or restaurants to frequent.

Perhaps you are new to the Influencer Marketing game, or perhaps you have been in it for a while and are just here to get some pointers. The following is a basic step-by-step guide for any product review:

Product Review Basic Steps

  • Try the Product:

    Some products may need to be used once in order to develop a full impression, while others may need to be used several times. Social Insiders will provide ample time for you to test out any product or service we provide for review. Please do not write a review on a product you have not used.


  • Be Honest:

    Your followers are looking to you to provide them with real content. When you sit down to write a review, be honest about your impression of the product or service.

  • Be Specific:

    Instead of saying you “LOVE” a product, let your followers know specifically what feature you loved and why. The more specific you are, the more helpful your review will be to your followers. The quality of your review is in the details. What information does your review provide that readers might not find elsewhere? Include details such as: What were some things you weren’t expecting? What would you change about the product? What are the potential benefits of the product?

  • Snap Pics:

    Original images go a long way to help share your personal story. We often provide product images, which you are welcome to use along with your review. However, your followers are more likely to engage with authentic content that you have created. Be sure to capture images that enhance your storytelling, and show the important features of the product you are describing. Always consider lighting, content, and composition when shooting your images.

  • Disclosure:

    Every product review where you are compensated, is required to have a proper disclosure. 

    1. A disclosure is just a means of letting your followers know that you received products free of charge and that this  didn’t sway your opinion of the product. It’s a way for you to be completely transparent with your followers . As a Social Insiders member, you are required to include a proper disclosure along with your review. Failure to do so can lead to removal from the program so we want to make sure you understand how to properly disclose. Disclosure statements must appear in every blog, video, or social media post where you are reviewing product/service you received compensation for.
    2. Due to FTC rules that require you to disclose any compensation you’ve received from the Brand(s)for your post, please include a disclosure statement, which may read something like:
      1. “Social Insiders provided me with a sample of __________ in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.”
      2. “I have received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.”
      3. “I received these product(s) complimentary from Social Insiders for testing purposes.”
    3. It is your responsibility as an influencer to use and understand FTC regulated disclosures. Social Insiders is very serious about the use of proper disclosure statements along with honest reviews. Be sure to keep up with the latest laws by checking the FTC guidelines, here.


Okay, so you know the main bones of a product review, but what about the meat? What about the content? What makes a product review good?

Product Review Details

  • Be Honest:

    This was mentioned before but it is THAT important. In a time where reliability is being questioned, make sure you remain reliable. If you loved the product, that’s great. Elaborate on specifics about what you really enjoyed. Include what you think the product lacks along with what you liked about it. If you do not like anything about the product, point out where it missed the mark and how it could be improved. Be honest and be kind.

  • Proofread:

    Any content you put out there should be free of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. It’s okay to use abbreviations or slang when it fits in with your writing style IMO but, sloppy work is frowned upon. You want to maintain a level of professionalism in your reviews.

  • Working Links:

    Any links you provide in your product reviews, or website, need to be working and direct to a webpage. Go through your post and click on any links you’ve provided to make sure they work before you publish anything. Ask a friend to click on the links for you too, it never hurts to double and triple check your work. Broken links are not only annoying for your followers, but can be bad for business too.




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