Am I Reliable?

Authenticity has come into question when it comes to Influencer Marketing. If people are getting compensated for promoting a product, then how can you be sure they are giving their honest opinion. In a world where businesses can buy reviews or pay to have negative reviews removed, how does the consumer know who to trust? How does a brand know if they are getting authentic feedback about their product? Establishing yourself as a reliable influencer has never been more important. 

Follow Your Passion

First, most great influencers did not start by saying “I want to be an Influencer.” They picked something they were passionate about and talked about it. They did not start with the goal of free product or money in mind. They started by discovering something they were passionate about and then choosing to share it with the world. The first step in being a reliable influencer is staying true to your passions. Nothing screams “fake” like an influencer who is promoting products all over the place. The readers can tell that they are only in it for the compensation and it becomes hard to trust their reviews. Pick your niche and become an expert in it. You may start with a small following but your audience will be more engaged because they will truly care about your interests.

Work It

Next, work like the BOSS you are! This is your business, your brand. Whether you work on it as a hobby or you are generating a sizable income, influencing is always a business. You should have a schedule, deadlines, and goals. Where do you want to be in a year? Plan the steps to get you there. Research trends. Keep up on the latest laws. Social Media is constantly changing. Do you know what the next big change is and how it will affect you? Do you have a plan on how you are going to change and adapt with it?  Dream big but make sure you take small steps each day to get there. 

Stay True

BE HONEST! This is the most important step in being a reliable influencer. No one wants to follow an influencer who has clearly been paid out. Did you get to work with a brand that fits your niche and you genuinely love? That’s great! Make sure you mention the specific things you love about them but also something you think they could improve. Everyone has room for improvement. Was the brand in your niche but not something that you loved? Be true to you! You do not have to try to pretend to be something you are not and your followers will respect you more for your own unique voice. Just as you will not like every brand that comes your way, not everyone will like you. That is okay. It is totally normal for people to disagree. Just remember to be respectful and stay away from drama.


Now, here are some “Don’t”s. Don’t let popularity get to your head. Know where you started and who you are. Arrogance is a big turn off for everyone. Don’t threaten people with your power as an influencer. It is normal to pitch yourself to businesses or brands but if they decline, do not threaten to badmouth them to your followers. This only reflects badly on you and will prevent future brands from wanting to work with you. And, don’t worry about your numbers. Sometimes content is engaging and sometimes it is not. Continue to create content that is true to you without being hyper focused on the outcome. Posting content to just get reactions, leads to disingenuous content.

Stay awesome! We like you for you!  


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