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I often get emails from our Insiders with questions about working with Brands. They want to know best practices for working with new Brands. After a fun campaign, they also want to know how they can work with their favorite Brands again. Social Insiders works with Brands non stop. That is our comfort zone, so you have come to the right place. Here is some of the advice I have passed on to the Insiders.

Be Professional


Sometimes, when Influencers start out, they think working with Brands is all about having fun and getting free stuff. While it is true that working with Brands can expose you to fun new products and a sweet side hustle, you must remember one key thing; this is the Brand’s business. They are hiring you to do a job for them and they expect professionalism. Make sure the language that you use is professional and any job that you do is done with pride. Brands look at what you do and take that into account when they want to hire you, or work with you again. Also, and this should be a given, be sure to complete any work that you commit to. There are a few ways to be removed from Social Insiders, and not completing campaigns is one of them. 

Communication is Key


Check your email! Brands need to communicate with whomever they are working with. If they feel like they cannot get in touch with you or it seems like you are ghosting them, they will not be likely to work with you again. This does not mean you need to check your email every hour. Just be sure to check it every 24 hours when working with a Brand. Most Brands consider 72 hours without a response unacceptable. Furthermore, be honest in your correspondence. If you need more time to complete a campaign or if you are having a hard time with the product, let them know. 

Be the Brand’s Match


All brands have a tone, an aesthetic, and a niche. They have a personality. So do you. So does your blog. If you were playing matchmaker, would you put your blog and the brand together? I am not saying change your blog to fit one brand. I am saying take a long hard look at your blog. Is it reflecting your tone, niche and aesthetic as well as it could be or is it a little all over the place? Discover who you are and who you are not and make sure the blog reflects that. Then, find Brands that fit you. 

Don’t know Where to Start?


If you would like help finding Brands that are a good fit for you or if you would like to try out new Brands, join Social Insiders.  If you are a Brand looking for the perfect Influencers for you, come see what we can offer you here. Let us be your Influencer <3 Brand matchmaker. 


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