Could Social Insiders be Good for Your Brand?


Our mission is to connect brands and influencers in order to share authentic product experiences with friends, followers, and the world. Social Insiders is a comprehensive influencer marketing agency. We are backed by the award winning marketing agency Zooka Creative, and with their resources at hand we can help build your dream marketing campaign. No campaign is too large or too small. From coupons to whole spiral ham to stock shares, we have had experience in a little bit of everything. What we value most is allowing brands to share an authentic experience with their customers. 


Nano and micro influencers are constantly engaged with their following. When it comes to marketing, engagement counts for more than reach. It is one thing to have people scroll by a product, but quite another to have people engage with a post about it. When people become engaged in a conversation about a product, it leads to more sales. Someone is more likely to purchase something recommended by family or a friend than an advertisement they just scroll past. That’s why we choose to specialize in nano and micro influencers. 


Brands spend less money on influencer marketing over traditional marketing. According to Business 2 Community’s article, influencer marketing leads to a return of investment that is, on average, 11 times higher than other forms of digital media. 


In short, we have a pool of influencers to use that are ready and willing to talk about and share brands with their followers. We are able to make sure that your brand reaches its target niche and that organic chatter is built around it, leading to higher sales at a lower cost. Influencer Marketing is not just good for your brand, it is great.

What Social Insiders Can Do for You

Social Insiders is great for many things. Do you have a new product or service that you would like to get the word out about? We have you covered. Do you have a product that maybe is not as popular as it once was and is long overdue for a comeback? Our Insiders do a fabulous job of generating new and engaging content. We can even track the progress of your social trends using unique hashtags for your brand. Do you need product reviews for your website or just want authentic consumer feedback? We have an entire section of Insiders that are wonderful at this. Our Insiders have run promotions, sweepstakes, and helped keep consumers informed. Our annual review of each influencer ensures that we only use the exact right person for the job for each campaign. 

What Social Insiders Cannot Do for You


Unfortunately, there are a few things that Social Insiders cannot do for your brand. While we can ask our Insiders to include a link to your page in their post/ blog, and this will lead to larger traffic numbers, it will not help your SEO backlink scores. Search engines have very specific rules about backlinks that we are unable to break without it causing SEO backlash against our Insiders and possibly your brand page.  We also do not know the winning lotto numbers. Sorry to disappoint. 

What Social Insiders Has Done In the Past

Interested in some of our case studies? Of course you are. We have some listed on our page here, but we are not at liberty to disclose specific brands we have worked with in the past. Here is a small overview of some of our favorite campaigns without disclosing Brand names. 

  • A food brand that wanted to gain insight on their product and reviews for their web page. 94% participation rate with helpful information gained and over 200 reviews.
  • A food brand wanting to generate buzz about an existing product. About 150 blog posts. Over 550 social media posts and over 61,000 social media engagements with a potential reach of 3.4 million.
  • A household product held a sweepstakes in order to help drive newsletter sign ups.The sweepstakes had over 70,000 entries with 12,000 of those signing up for their newsletter.


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If you have any questions about what we can do for you, or are interested in more examples, you may contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you so we can start collaborating on your Brand’s Influencer Marketing goals.


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